you don’t have to pay closing costs.

The market determines the rate. Your lender controls your closing costs.

When you are given a “lower rate” on your loan, it’s because you’re paying more in closing costs for it. Think of it like a kid’s see-saw. One kid goes up, the other comes down.

Rate goes up, closing costs go down.

Rate goes up, closing costs go down.

Closing costs go up, rate goes down.

Closing costs go up, rate goes down.


At Miller Lending, we ask, why pay closing costs at all? Especially when you don’t have to.

The question we ask is how long do you plan to keep your loan? Not the house, but your actual mortgage loan. The reason is when you pay closing costs on your mortgage, it creates a domino effect that can limit your options to refinance when mortgage rates drop.

And trust us, they always do. We’ve been watching them for 30 years. What goes up, always comes down.

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If you spend $5000 today to “lock in” that good rate, where does that leave you in 3 years when the rate is lower? Facing another $5000 in closing costs? We say enough is enough. It doesn’t make financial sense. Don’t pay more when you don’t have to.

We don’t teeter-totter around with your numbers.

We help you “lock in” today without added costs. And refinance when the timing is right.

Want to discuss the specifics? Give us a call and we’ll share the benefits of closing without the added costs. It’s our way of helping keep your hard-earned money where it belongs . . . in your pocket.